Sunday, February 26, 2012

Recent events

I am currently in mod (quarter) 3 of my MBA. Here is some of my last week.

On a personal note over this weekend my wife and I purchased a love-seat for the twins bedroom. We are replacing a blue recliner that Emily has had for 8 years. Though larger than most rockers you find in a nursery it has fit perfectly in our life and budget as a young family. It has been falling apart for a couple months now, and I have been hesitant to replace it. The reasons for my delay are 1. Financial - We are living on a tight budget 2. Sentimental - Emily had the chair for quite some before I met her, but my primary experience with the recliner is reading my first born son, Lincoln, to sleep while he sits in my lap. We made the choice to go for a larger seat to accommodate our growing family and give us a place to read with all of our children. Emily found an amazing deal for the new seat on craigslist, just like our sectional where I am currently lounging. Emily also found a pretty great deal on a highchair as well, and talked them down to an even better deal.

And back at school. I have been quite busy with class and pursuing a summer internship. Last week I was talked into joining a friend at school for a VC competition. I said I would join her if I had some say in the other people on the team. We ended up with a group of Shubs, Rio, Rashi, Andy and myself. We had very little VC experience in the room, and really just planned to have fun. But we came together and we created a team that equaled more than the sum of its parts. We won! And really never thought we had a chance. It was a pretty tough competition and there was very little time given for the work. I cannot explain how we won, but I had one theory: The men in our group arrived all wearing pink ties without any prior planning. The other crazy thing about the competition, besides our victory, was how my teammate Andy had his phone lost/stolen. The entire day we tracked his phone location with some app online, and joked about all the sites and experiences the phone was having.

I work quite hard at both school and home. This week it feels like all the gears were lined up and everything came together better than expected. I hope everyone gets this feeling of accomplishment from time to time.


  1. Congratulations on winning the competition! Sometimes the best things happen when the means to get there are unconventional and unexpected. :)

  2. Well said, Ami! That is a very apt statement for Tyler and me! :-)