Sunday, April 17, 2011

Take action

I had a conversation with a lady the other day. She will remain anonymous.

She was talking to me about her plans to get into real estate management. I asked a simple question that started an hour long chat about starting a business. The question was, "Why do you want to work in real estate?" She stated that she had always been interested in real estate, but that she had no experience in the industry. She thought it would be a good way to make money, and I agreed, there is money to be made in real estate. But there is money to be made in almost any idea. What I wanted her to do and what we eventually moved the conversation around to, was finding what was her real goal. Was it that she really wanted to start a real estate business, or was it that she really wanted to work for herself and saw real estate as a possible path? We talked about what she enjoys doing. Turns out she just recently helped her friend organize her house and she had a good time doing that. She really did not think that was something people would pay for. Just a basic google search and I showed her how there were multiple business out there, that do exactly what she liked.

This lady I was talking to was in a troubled financial state. She was currently working with creditors to set up payment plans. I talked about how she can start experimenting with her future business, for FREE. Just like she helped the one friend organize her home, find one more friend or family member. Then another, after she shows that she can perform that job at a high level for free with friends, start charging. So maybe she still has to keep her day job for the time being, but she can can take steps toward her goals, with very little cost. And if she really wants to start working for herself, the only thing holding her back was herself and the first step of trying.

We returned the conversation to her real estate management idea. And I talked with her about why she first started talking to me. She came to me because she thought she needed 100k to start her real estate dreams. What we decided was that she did not need 100k right now. She needed to take action at a very low cost to help make the real decisions. She had no experience with real estate. She needed to try it out at a low cost. We discussed calling a real estate management company and asking to shadow their workplace on a weekend, or get a part-time job in that industry.

I do not know if our conversation changed her life. I do not know if she will go on to fame and glory in the organizing or real estate. But I hope she starts taking action on her dreams! I talk to a lot of burgeoning and established entrepreneurs daily. And I think a lot of them are sitting back waiting for a bank or an investor to step in and push them to the next level. I hope these entrepreneurs realize they have the potential, and it is time to step up and take action.

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