Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The start of the Checklist

Here is the list of items that I started working on when I decided to pursue an MBA.

Get a new vehicle to replace the Ford Ranger - Check - We went for a bigger vehicle than I expected, mainly due to the twins' surprise. Plus Liz is now using the Ford and loving it, so double Check
Trade in desktop for Laptop - Check - Hope it is still working great Baca
Visit Boston - Check - Was a great trip and figured out some much needed information
Decide on a school - Check - Going to Babson!
Figure out finances for MBA - Check - I have figured it out as much as you can with all the unknowns

Things left to be done:
Take inventory of possessions and donate/sale what I no longer need/want
Figure out housing in MA - This will be done by the end June (difficult to lock a lease starting in Aug. currently)
Figure out what we will be moving across country and how
Find the rest of the items on this list... and start checking them off

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