Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The question

Since I am very interested in small businesses and when people ask me what I want to do my answer is usually, "I want to start a business". It is the second question that usually causes problems or confusion. Most people will then ask something along the lines of, "What's your idea for your business?"

Here is where I am stuck.

I honestly do have an idea for my business. I do not have a certain magic idea that will make millions. But furthermore I really do not care what idea starts my business. I think if you went back to the idea that started most businesses, it does not look anything like how the business ended up. And I really do not think that the success of a business is based around this ONE idea that started it all. I believe the success of a business comes down to great execution, which boils down to delivering on your promise as a business, and do so in an efficient and effective manner, with great service. As well as the ability to adapt and integrate with the changes that come along. If you go through some really great companies, they were not doing something that was a new idea. Google did not invent the search engine, but they did it better. Apple did not invent the mp3 player, but they did it better. I do not think I am going to come up with the next big thing, but I believe there are things I can do better than anyone else.

But that is a problem because there is a lot of pressure to have that idea, or plan. You see a lot of Business Plan competition that seem to emphasize the need for a great idea. Round-up of Boston Area University Competitions and yet there is also the people saying you do not want or need a business plan: why-business-plans-can-actually-hurt-business-progress

So this leads me on to my hope for the near future, and why I choose to do my MBA at Babson. My goal is that I will find another person, or persons that will be there to bounce ideas and collaborate to create something great!

There are a few industries that I am interested in. I like Green Energy/Tech, Recycling/upcycling and really anything that makes life better. I would like the make the world a better place, even if that just means making my community better, or the lives of my customers and employees.

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