Friday, April 8, 2011

Hopes for my children

My kids are on my mind today. This is because Emily, Linc and I were able to check out the twins in an ultrasound. They are doing great, both growing well and at the same rate. It was fun to see my daughter open her mouth. I really cannot wait to see them with my own eyes and not through a screen. I really really love Lincoln, and I think he is the coolest little boy in the world, and I have to trust my Mom when she says that a parent's love will grow with new children.

I have really only one big hope for my children. That they are happy. It is hard to understand if you are not a parent, but once you are your happiness is pretty directly correlated with your kids' happiness. So it makes sense for my own sanity and happiness that I do my best to keep my kids (and my spouse) happy. I believe that my decision to pursue my MBA and moving to Boston will serve as an example to my children that they should work towards their dreams and that they can do anything. I think the next few years will be an adventure for Em and I, but I want my kids to be unafraid to embrace adventure.

I need to acknowledge some people here because I would not be willing to take this step out into the unknown if it was not for the love and support of Emily, my mom and dad and Em's parents as well. My mother has always said that I should do what I love and the money will follow. Those are tough words to live by 100% of the time. Everyone knows the realities of bills and the cost of living. But I do try to keep that phrase in my heart, and to be working towards my goals, even when I may be working at a job that doesn't fit. And I have seen both my parents work to achieve their goals. They may not be living their dream EVERY day. But I see that they are moving in the right direction. My mother has become an incredible sculptor, and she continues to impress with her running. My father has worked his way up to a job where he is happy working, and he has starting running as well! To see more evidence of these things please visit my mom's blog---> -- They just ran a half marathon in Moab together!

So thank you Mom and Dad for being a great example. I hope I can be the same for my kids!

My Awesome Family

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