Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools

I have some close people who celebrate their birthday today.

My Grandma Cox is turning 85. She is a very very strong example of what staying active does for your health. Fondest memories of Grandma include: Toast with cinnamon and sugar, playing with Legos for hours upon hours, Berenstain Bears, jumping between the two beds in the basement (against her wishes... sorry Grandma), the trapdoor / laundry drop, climbing her amazing tree in the side yard, Kerplunk and puzzles in the basement, that old city playset with a connecting traffic signal between the building, all of those Chevron with techron cars, rolling down her one and two hilled backyard, picking apples, Grandma's amazing gardening skills, Thanksgiving over the years, and of course Bear Lake.

And a big shoot out to one of my best friends Johnathan "Baca" Nielsen. He may only be turning one year older, but with a new baby girl, he has grown up a whole lot in the last 6 months. He has always been one of the funniest and most loyal people I have ever known. I think he has a Dick Van Dyke type of humor, one of the few people I could see accidentally slipping on a banana peel and laughing till our sides hurt. He has always been the person who can remind me to stop taking my self and life so seriously.

So Happy Birthday to both of these amazing people, no joking around.

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