Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First Blog Post

So I am new to writing on a blog. I have been able to watch my wife, Emily, write on her blog for the past two years. She is a much better writer than I am and you should definitely check her blog out. My blog will be similar in that it will mention some of my family life, and different in it is from the perspective of a father, who does not get to spend as much time with the children. And I will probably go on about business school, what I have been learning, what I hope to do when I leave and trying to balance all the moving pieces that are my life.

Current Situation:

Working with a great company called Lendio Inc. You can check us out at www.lendio.com
I have been accepted to a great MBA program at Babson College with a Presidential Scholarship
Freaking out about living on loans and struggling to survive for the next two years without any salary -- contemplating finding work part-time or weekend while living in the suburbs of Boston
I have an amazing and supportive wife named Emily. She is pretty much the reason I can to whatever it is that I do
I have the most awesome son named Lincoln. He is brilliant and fun and great! I am most excited to see him develop so much every day
Emily, my wife, is pregnant with Twins. A girl and a boy. We are both very excited and cannot wait till July (their due date)
I am searching for some place to live that will not send us straight to the poorhouse anywhere within 15 miles of Wellesley, MA
I would love to find any low-income, subsidized housing that I could qualify for that is within 15 miles of Wellesley, MA

Future Situation:
Moving a family of 5 to Massachusetts
Launching at least one business in the next two years, more likely looking at launching two
I am very interested in green technology and energy. It is obvious to everyone there is a lot of potential in this area
I am also still interested in launching a technology company
I am interested in improving existing business and think that one option for a future career, besides entrepreneurship, could be working in a smaller M&A shop.

So there is a grab-bag of stuff about me, that if you are reading this, you likely already know. I will continue to post updates about my family and our progress on the path to Boston.

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